You won't beat our pricing or service

The competition can't touch our prices. Try Pulse today and I know you will agree.

Upgrading your Subscription

Tried a subscription and want to convert to the Lifetime purchase? Great! If you head to the My Account section of the phone app, the top option will allow you to change your subscription.

After you have upgraded, make sure you head to the Play Store to cancel the old subscription. Pulse is not able to do this automatically, unfortunately.

Cancel a Subscription

You can cancel a subscription by opening the Play Store app, then navigating to the Pulse SMS page. Any active subscriptions (monthy, every three monthes, or yearly), will show up on that page and can be cancelled.

Refund Policy

Pulse provides a seven day trial when you sign up for any of the three subscriptions. A refund will not be available, after this trial period. You can cancel this trial at any time through the Play Store.

The lifetime purchase does not come with a trial, and is charged immediately, as noted by the screenshot of the purchase process. If you are within 2 days of the purchase, something is not working with the online functionality that you purchased, and I cannot solve your issue, then I can provide you with a refund. A refund willl not be possible for any other cases. This two day policy matches that of Google Play.